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Més que una ciutat…

Barcelona. 4 syllables. Over 1,6 million people in its urban region. More than 5 million souls within its metropolitan area. 4,000 years of deepening history. Hundreds of languages and different nationalities. Turn your head to the South and you will see and smell the Mediterranean. Turn your eyes to the North and you will witness the majesty of the Montjuïc mountain. Walk to Barrio de Gracia (or Barri de Gràcia, in Catalan), the smallest of the 10 districts in Barcelona, and treat yourself with a good horchata in one of the multiple bar terraces on a breezy summer afternoon. Stroll down to El Barri Gòtic, the historic center of the city, and savor some chocolate caliente con churros on our not-so-cold winter evenings at a local bakery.

From here, we will point out and suggest you places to see, dishes not to pass on, art galleries you must not ignore, hidden facades, facts… We will put all our efforts to present you those places, restaurants and dishes, forgotten stories, monuments, streets, local festivities and activities (among many other things) that only the natives are familiar with, those things that the experts and the touristic guides often overlook. Nevertheless, we will not fail to talk to you about those many other things and places for which Barcelona has always been well known.

Barcelona’s plentiful mixture of places to see, food to taste, aromas to smell, music to hear, and stones to touch are a wonderful and enriching patrimony. Barcelona shows you what you thought you knew. Barcelona lets you see true beauty in every sense of the word. Barcelona illustrates how to exploit all your five sense. Barcelona guides you through one of the best rides of your life.

Do not miss anything…

Barcelona belongs to you!

Welcome to BCN és teva! Barcelona is more than just a regular city; It offers more than your average cosmopolitan. Follow us for the insights of this great port-city….